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Welcome to our Partner Status F.A.Q. page. Keep your status up-to-date and keep receiving rewards points. Call us at 214.741.1717 x 0 with any questions. We are happy to help!

What is Partner Status?
Bell'INVITO Stationers establishes three primary status levels with our clients. They are:

  • Club B'I Members
  • Trade Partners
  • Wholesale Partners 


How does Bell'INVITO Stationers define a Trade Partner?
A Trade Partner is a business who has registered with Bell'INVITO Stationers to resell goods, but does not wish to meet the minimum requirements and licensing contract associated with receiving wholesale partnership status.

How do I register my business with Bell'INVITO Stationers for Trade Status?
It's simple. Initially, please call 214.741.1717, and have your EIN paperwork ready. You will need to fax or email that in. Once it is received, a customer service representative will add your information to our system, and you may begin purchasing at trade status for online goods immediately. 

Can I have trade status for purchases not made online, such as Private Label and Couture products?

For this, you must speak directly with a Bell'INVITO Couture Account Manager.
For Couture, call 214.741.1717 x 202
For Private Label, call 214.741.1717 x 216

How does Bell'INVITO Stationers define a Couture Partner?
Bell'INVITO Stationers relies on a solid relationship with a limited number of Couture Partners to represent the quality, standards, and executables from Bell'INVITO to the end clients in a very specific manner. As such, qualification for Couture Partner Status is assessed case by case. A contract, minimum purchase, sales goals and software training are required to achieve Couture Partner Status. To inquire, call 214.741.1717 x 202.

How do I wholesale Bell'INVITO Stationers general merchandise?
Bell'INVITO Stationers has 2 distinct general merchandise categories:

  • The Luxury Collection
  • The Social Collection & Estate Essentials

These categories were created for 2 very different types of stores. Bell'INVITO Stationers recommends that you speak with Bell'INVITO Sales Manager to find the right fit for your specific needs. To speak to a Sales Manager, call 214.741.1717. x 216

What's the Catch?
Active account status requires a purchase every 6 months. If an account is inactive longer than 6 months, our system will automatically require a new opening order minimum to be met.