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Red Pillow Engraved Stationery

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  • Our red, chartreuse, sea-blue and gold pillow is engraved and embossed onto cotton paper, and finished with painted gold edges and hand-lined gold chiyogami envelope liners. By Bell'INVITO Stationers.

Product Description

Colorful and stylish, this red moroccan pillow note card is perfect for your travel or interior inspired statements. Each note card is printed by our master craftsmen utilizing a timeless engraved printing process applied to supple 5x7 1 ply 100% cotton paper, accented by metallic gold patterned envelope liners. Each note card also boasts hand painted edges, as well as embossed relief printing processes that give dimension to the pillow.


You can also opt to fashion our Red Pillow design into your own personal stationery or invitations in any quantity by clicking here.

Each lizard-embossed collection box holds 12 cards and 12 envelopes.


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