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Banknote Candle

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  • Banknote typeface candle, charcoal grey glass vessel

Product Description

Back of Box: In a word, audacious describes the typeface of money. While the design of the U.S. Banknote still uses hand-created lettering, the diagonally striped typeface is a favorite for more than just its visual presence. The diagonal lines, while beautiful, also serve a practical purpose for the technique used to print money - the highly esteemed intaglio die-stamping print method, more popularly known as engraved printing. Banknote is always dressed for success. It quickly gets attention at it turns words in to statements. The Banknote emits sophistication and tailored elegance simply because it was born that way. What's your type?

  • The smell of money? Aromas of pomelo, orange and ginger, musk and golden amber
  • Charcoal grey glass vessel
  • 55 hours burn time
  • Soy-based wax 


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