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Calligraphy Candle

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  • Calligraphy candle, gold glass vessel

Product Description

Back of box: Long before typesetters learned to master setting the type letter-by-letter, and long before the stroke of a key produced a symbol on paper, calligraphers mastered specific lettering styles to create uniformity. Perfection was the goal - until it wasn't. The rise of calligraphy-initiated scripts gave ettering masters a new challenge and an even greater value by virtue of the artist's idiosyncratic penmanship style. Today calligraphy is the anti-type. It takes an expert to be so beautifully imperfect. We imagine if calligraphy had a scent, it would cloak a room with intrigue. What's your type?

  • Crisp melon, fresh ozone, pear, aquatic notes, apple blossom, rose, sandalwood, cedarwood, musk
  • Gold glass vessel
  • 55 hours burn time
  • Soy-based wax


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