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Garamond Candle

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  • garamond typeface candle, burnt rum glass vessel

Product Description

Back of box: If Garamond were a wine, it would be a perfectly balanced Cabernet Sauvignon. If it were a girl, she would be that pretty one whose little oddities only make her more beautiful. If Garamond were a professor, students would stand on their desks declaring their admiration with,“O Captain! My Captain!” If Garamond filled a room with scent, it would make any space feel somehow unpretentious yet stylish. What's your type?

  • Bergamot, Coconut water, Apricot, Gardenia, Tiara Flower, Jasmine, Sensual Musk, Sheer Woods, Vanilla
  • Rich burnt rum brown glass vessel
  • 55 hours burn time
  • Soy-based wax 


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