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What is a "suite" of stationery or invitations?

The suite is everything that mails inside one envelope.

For our purposes, an average price for the most common question,
"how much does a four-piece suite cost?" is quoted as if 100 suites were ordered.

Four pieces that most commonly
make up a wedding invitation suite are

the ceremony invitation
the mailing envelope
the reply card
the reply envelope

Additional cards such as reception cards and information cards
that include accommodations, attire and web site information
are somewhat common but not necessary.


Why is the price so high?

To be up front, like a couture gown or luxury car,
there are immovable costs associate with
the design, quality, and customer service of a Couture invitation—
BUT we pride ourselves in finding a solution that works for your budget.

There is no shame in a budget—everyone ultimately has one.
Because we are the manufacturers, we know ways to make
an invitation feel more formal, more colorful, more elegant—without adding too much to the cost.

Pulling aspects of your invitation together to develop an estimate
is the first part of every Couture consulation.
Don't think you have to break the bank to get a gorgeous wedding invitation—
it's simply not true. Let us show you how.


What if I need only a few invitations?

Our minimum run of anything is only 10 pieces.
To simplify this concept, specialty printing is priced is in two aspects. First there are fixed costs, like the dies and the setup. Second there if the per-piece cost that is determined by your quantity.


 Frequently Asked Questions about
Couture and Bespoke Invitations and Stationery

Couture Stationery is named as such in reference to its close similarity in process and final product to modern-day haute couture fashion.
Haute Couture, a commonly misused term is reserved by the French government for
couturiers who meet certain requirements which set them aside uniquely as a class of experts in their field
who provide their product to a discerning patronage.


What makes a paper "Couture"?

For an invitation or stationery to be "Couture" it must posess three traits.

First, couture papers are created with a high level of customization
derived from consultations between a client or a client representative
and an expert in desgin, wording, materials, and print method.

Second, couture products have an applied expertise consistent with the values
of the design house credited with the work.
In plain speach, any designer can create a layout, but only an expert in specialty printing
can create a layout that has all the content required for a perfect end product.
Certain designs simply don't engrave or letterpress well on certain papers.
This leads to a disappointed client.
Other designs look great but have faulty wording by etiquette standards or correct grammar—
something a client expects the designer to know.
What's widely misunderstood is most designers aren't trained in wording,
only how to make the words look pretty.

Third, due to the expertise required, the paper bears the mark of the design house.
This is typicaly done typically subtly in a watermark, embossed logo,
or lighly stamped brand on any certain piece or pieces.

When these three criteria are not met, the product would be accurately
defined as personalized or custom rather than couture.


Are Couture invitations and stationery more expensive than Bespoke? 

We align the definition of 'Bespoke' with personalization,
and 'Couture' closer to custom.

The quality of the product is the same.

The level of customization and the requirements of
design labor make up the difference in cost.


How can I order Couture Invitations?

Our intimate group of licensed Couture Partners are selected by strict criteria.
We have confidence you will love working with them.
They typically take walk-in clients and are well-versed in our highest-level offerings.

You are welcome to visit with us by appointment in person or on facetime.
Most of our clients are out of state.
We welcome the use of facetime in conjunction with purchasing samples
you may be interested in discussing.
Sample purchases are credited toward your final Couture order.
To make an appointment, call 214.741.1717 x 212.


Can I supply my own artwork?

Consistency is key when it comes to Bell’INVITO Couture.
To keep our line consistently ours, the only artwork we allow to be provided
are company logos and an inherited coat of arms.

Specialty printing requires plates,
so this artwork should exist in plates or vector format
to be used as-is,
or we quote converting it to the appropriate
form to create plates for your desired order.

Once we create the plates, you will be able to use them again on future orders.

What if I need help with wording?

Wording is one of the many services we provide for Bell'INVITO Couture clients.
Our emphasis on wording sets us apart from our competitors.
We believe design and wording are essential elements of overall quality.

For this reason, we politely refer orders where wording is non-compliant
with our published etiquette standards to other printers.
If you should want something we are unable to produce
on our Couture label, we are happy to help you find a specialty printing alternative.


We would love to meet you! Call us to begin your order.

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