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What is a Beveled Edge?



The edge of the paper is often confused for the outer border of the paper. Think of paper as a box with a top, a bottom and 4 sides. When color is applied as a border, it is applied to the top surface of the paper adjacent to the edge, however when a color is applied to the edge of the paper, it is actually being applied to the 4 sides of the paper—not the top or bottom. To allow a color to be seen from the top perspective, paper is cut on a bevel. A bevel is when the edge of the paper is cut at an angle as opposed to straight. 

The beveled edge refers to the edge of a card that has been cut diagonally.
Often gilt or color is added to the beveled edge of a card to give the card a finished look.
There are different methods used to apply gilt and color. Due to the craftsman nature of the process, the beveled edge
feature is common in high end social stationery, invitations and announcements. 

A beveled edge can be accomplished on most weights of paper, however the thicker the paper, the more the bevel can be noticed on the edge. 

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