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What is a Die Stamp or Die Stamping?



die stamp  ||  die stamping-ing

ˈdīˌstamp || ˈdīˌstampiNG/




  • 1.a method of embossing paper or another surface using a die.
  • 2.a method of printing used to achieved a raised printing
  1. (of print methods) using die (engraved piece, typically a type of mental) with or without ink to achieve a raised print
    "the Royal invitations were die stamped"

Die stamping is commonly referred to as "engraved printing." This is a misnomer as the dies used to achieve the look known as "engraved" are themselves engraved but the paper is not. Due to the intricacies of engraving dies, the material used to create the dies themselves, and the required alignment and labor associated with this type of printing, it is relatively expensive in comparison to other forms of printing. Die stamping takes longer to produce and is considered a more prestigious print method. As such, it is typically reserved for important documents.