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Digital Bespoke is an online tool we designed to bring the best and most exclusive bespoke paper invitations and stationery to you at the best prices and shortest turnaround times available for such a product. You can digitally layout and design your text and monogram atop any of over one hundreds Bell'INVITO designs, then let us print your masterpiece. Your bespoke items will be printed and ready to ship in 10 business days or less for most quantities.

Until the birth of our Digital Bespoke tool 2012, fine printing and other specialty invitations were available only through consultations with design experts or stationers, in person, while digitally printed invitations were available online through mass-digital printing centers.

We thought it was high time specialty printing met online convenience and create beautiful magic together!

Digital bespoke invitations allow you to cut through the expenses and time constraints of custom design and fine printing consultations and design your own product digitally from any laptop you choose, giving us a layout by which we can create the beautiful, hand-crafted invitations we are known for.

Frequently Asked Questions about Digital Bespoke Invitations and Stationery

Are Digital Bespoke invitations and stationery less expensive? 

Yes. You are creating your own layout either with a design professional in one of our partner stores, or at home on your own. This saves us from having to charge you for design time. Additionally, the aspects of the card you choose online were produced in bulk—meaning they cost less per piece to print than a Couture design, where all aspects of each piece are made specifically for one client.

How long does it take to print my invitations? 

 Most orders are ready to ship within 10 business days from client proof approval. Exceptions to a 10-day turnaround would be orders with a set quantity of over 500. To calculate your turnaround time you have two options when you order from Digital Bespoke. You can purchase the product without requesting an additional proof (your on-screen proof is what we see as well) for faster turn-around, or you can wait until the following business day to receive a proof. If you opt for the latter, we must receive an email from you confirming you approve of the proof we sent before we can move forward with your production timeline. Your product will ship day eleven from the date of your approval email's timestamp, if not sooner. If an exception must be made due to backorder, you will be notified.

Can I add calligraphy or a custom monogram?

Yes. These items are custom creations, done by hand. As such, they cannot be ordered online. For those who know to ask, we can certainly give pricing on request for adding those types of items to your online order. To get the ball rolling, place "drop in calligraphy" or "drop in monogram" where you would like your custom artwork positioned on your layout and leave us a contact number in the message center. We will contact you for the additional purchases the following business day or sooner. Couture pricing and wait times will apply to the added custom items. Your production timeline will begin once the final artwork is placed and you approve your final layouts.

What if I need help with wording?

We suggest that you start with our Wedding Wording Samples, Save the Date Wording Samples, How to Layout Response Cards, or How to Properly Fill Out Reply Cards, and copy and paste wording right into your layout, then highlight the words you need to change. You can always submit questions via our blog, or in a message with your online order. Contacts through any of our Social Media are most likely to be answered fastest. Calls to the studio are welcome as well and might take longer to answer. Heather Wiese Alexander, Bell'INVITO Stationers' founder, is our resident expert on both traditional and modern etiquette and is always willing to educate and help you put your best foot forward on any printed piece.

More questions? Call us! 

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